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And how much is this free weekend?

If you are a reader of Rock Paper Shotgun[1] then you are probably already aware of this but Shattered Horizon is having another free weekend.

Shattered horizon is a brilliantly original competitive shooter but sadly lacking in players. it is DirectX 10 only and when it was first released Vista was the only option for playing it. I just hope that this free weekend and the increased number of people with DX10 capable machines will save it, because it would be a shame if all shooters were clones of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. You can read my thoughts on the game here.

As well as being an excellent shooter set in space with jet packs there are no unlocks to worry about, so new and old players are on the same footing apart from practice, which is how it should be and makes it easier to get into for a free weekend.

The pre-load should go live on Wednesday night and the game should be free to play from Thursday night until Monday, though as Valve and time differences are involved this may vary.

It will also be reduced over the period so keep an eye on the store page and be sure to download and have a go when it goes live.

It’s free right?

[1] if you are not you should be, a better blend of humour (not humor) and game journalism can not be easily found elsewhere.


In Space No One Can Hear You Deathmatch. (UPDATED)

By jon_hill987 & AJB123644

I was given the opportunity to play Shattered Horizon when a friend of mine on Steam sent me a guest pass so I decided to accept and see what the game is all about. I had not really seen much on this game other than I knew it was based in space and revolved around weightlessness shooting.

The First Person Shooter has not had much innovation recently, even the single player FPS has hardly changed, with a few exceptions like Mirrors Edge (which didn’t go quite far enough as it didn’t do away with combat altogether) and Portal. Apart from a few they all stick to the same formula, sure the setting is different, but the game remains the same. Half-Life 1 and Deus Ex were the last I remember to make a huge leap forward in anything other than graphics. Multiplayer games are worse, they are all the same, some a faster, some have stylised graphics, some have vehicles and some don’t… Shattered Horizon however, dares to be different.

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