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Forging a Battle: Part 4

Some time later…

I have not played Battleforge in some time, and as I don’t intend to go back to it I think it is time for me to finish off this feature with my reasons why and my final thoughts on the game. I mostly played PvP, these games are more fun than the PvE campaigns in my opinion but I did find that the standard free deck is not suitable (unless you organise a game with someone else who has the free cards as well) as you will get quickly trounced.

In the end I gave in a purchased some more cards, like with all trading card games you don’t know exactly what you are going to get in a booster pack. Going back into PvP I found I faired little better. But in the end I as still getting trounced buy people who had handed over more cash.

This is where the free to play model falls down, games funded by adverts are fine, games where you pay for purely cosmetic enhancements are fine but when the game is competitive and paying gives you an advantage it is simply not fun any more.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the game, it is an original take on the RTS, the lore could do with a bit of work, but the mechanics of the game were very interesting and I really wanted to like it.

Battleforge may be free to play, but you have to pay to win…


Will someone please think of the children!

What are games teaching children?

I came across, the blog belonging to a religious nut-case who is concerned about what spore is teaching children. Clearly concern about teaching evolution over creationism is stupid, there is so much evidence in favour of evolution, it has even been observed in a lab[1], that is is not considered a theory any more. But it did get me thinking, what are games teaching children?

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Get out your anaglyph glasses

You probably have a pair of these that were given away with a promotion. Perhaps when Channel 4 did their 3D night and you could pick them up from Sainsbury’s? Even if you don’t have a pair they are a couple of pounds on eBay.

And they have more uses than you might think*.

Taken useing IZ3D driver and DirectX Quake

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Black Mesa

I had a bunch of good titles for this post but had a system crash about 20 minutes ago, and I’m still trying to find my files. Just one of those days, I guess…

Black Mesa, the most anticipated mod of all time (probably). It has been in development for some time now and despite them only ever giving a “Done when it’s done” response when questioned the last trailer they released suggested to me that they were aiming for the end of last year. It all went relatively quiet after that. until now. They have released some new screens…

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The Gadget Show Live 2010: Part 3

The third and final part, this is for all the little things that I thought were interesting, not necessarily new, or particularly hi-tech, just being interesting will get you into this list.

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The Gadget Show Live 2010: Part 2

After the wordy and somewhat pessimistic look at 3D televisions yesterday I think it is time for something a little more light-hearted, so lets have a look at some of the acts in the live show itself.

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The Gadget Show Live 2010: Part 1

Well this year I booked early, last October to be precise, so I managed to get Super Theatre tickets as well as entrance to the exhibition. The Super Theatre tickets were well worth the extra money and the live show itself was really good. I will write more about the show in the next few days, first I want to talk about some of the more exciting new tech that was on show in the exhibition, 3D.

One thing I expected to see lots of at the exhibition, as it seems to be the next big thing, were 3D TVs and I was not disappointed. Not by the lack of companies showing off their 3D systems at least, the TVs themselves however… Well, you’ll see.

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