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Kerrigan, imaletyoufinish.

Yo Kerrigan, I’m really happy for you imaletyoufinish, but Bob Page was the greatest Video Game Villain of all time!

Gamestop have announced the results of their competition to find the greatest video game villain of all time.
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Angels are never idle

Wow, what a shitstorm Valve have brewed up this time, and over something so stupid as virtual hats.

Fortunately it has more or less blown over now (and I missed it due to a poor internet connection making me unable to play TF2) but it just goes to show that a huge number of TF2 players are arseholes. The hats were supposed to be rare, if you want to play dressing up dolls go and play Battlefield Heroes. I’m not saying Valve were right to give out the rare hats randomly, that was a bit stupid. I would have had strictly limited numbers given out as awards, are you in the first 10,000 players to get 1 million lifetime kills as a Pyro? Have the fireman’s hat. With an achievements like this for each of them the hats would be rare and actually mean something.

To be honest that isn’t the point, the point is people who cheated the system have been punished and are now saying that the were not told it was wrong to cheat in that way. Well they were, the subscriber agreement states that you must not use any third party program to gain an unfair advantage. You might say that as the hats are purely cosmetic there is no advantage. Wrong. The people using the idler program did have an advantage, an advantage in getting hats, they had extra tickets for the lottery if you will.

Valve could have simply banned everyone using the idler as they had broken the agreement, Blizzard do that to people using a bot in Word of Warcraft. Instead they were quite nice about it, simply removing only the items that had been earned using the idler. Their next decision was possibly dubious, giving everyone who didn’t use the idler a halo hat. They did this as a bit of a joke I think, to show that they saw the funny side of the whole thing. It backfired because they didn’t anticipate how many total idiots there are who think that having a hat in TF2 is the most important thing in the world, it is these idiots who decided to play medic and refuse to heal anyone with a halo, it was these idiots who started screaming bloody murder on the official TF2 forums, it was these idiots who, by putting a virtual hat above having fun, are ruining the game for the rest of us.

Be patient, you may get the hat you want, you may not, but there are a lot more important things in life than a virtual hat. If you still find you can’t have fun in TF2 without the hat then I suggest you go outside and get some fresh air and possibly visit your doctor.


Left 4 Dead – Left 2 Die? (Updated)

A lot of people are happy that a sequel to Left 4 Dead has been announced, a lot of people are upset or even angry however and I really can’t blame them.

The people saying they deserve free content are of course wrong, Valve owe them nothing of the sort. I do however believe that some of them do have a point. They paid anywhere between £20 and £35 (depending on where they got it and when) for Left 4 Dead and have now been told that it was the price for one years play. “But you can continue to play Left 4 Dead after the sequel comes out” I hear you say, not entirely true. Look at what happened when Epic released a direct (and improved) replacement for Unreal Tournament 2003 one year later, everyone moved to Unreal Tournament 2004, and servers for 2003 became empty and lonely places. A sequel with this few changes, mainly things that were promised in the release of the original, will move most of the playerbase away from the original game, leaving only the bots to play with. Some people are saying “Valve will continue to support the first game”, but that really doesn’t mater if there is no one playing it any more. Perhaps Valve intend to turn it into a yearly franchise? Well there is a reason why I don’t buy multiplayer games published by Activision, they don’t bloody last. Everyone moves on to the inevitable sequel and your game becomes worthless. If I wanted to pay a subscription for my on-line gaming then I would buy a bloody XBox, I don’t need the latest mindless sequel to have fun in an on-line game, I just need other players to still be on it. I know multiplayer games have a limited lifespan, (you can’t find many servers for Death Match Classic any more, UT2004 is almost unplayable on-line) but to limit it to one year like this is frigging ridiculous.
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Fed up with waiting.

I am fed up with waiting.

Why is it that the PC release of a multi-platform game is nearly always 3-6 months later than a console release? Why is it that we are still waiting for Street Fighter IV? Why is it that Atari bent over for Sony and let them publish Ghostbusters on PS3 first? Why do I have to wait for September until I can play Battlefield 1943?

Surely these delays and “exclusives” can’t be helping sales? Any hype that there was about the game will have died down before they come to PC and I know full well that in the case of Ghostbusters it is purely to do with marketing. Before Sony got out their wallet it was scheduled for release at the same time on all platforms, and in America it still is, so it is not like they have finished the PS3 version but need some time to work on the others, they are all (nearly?) done. Atari are fucking idiots, I really hope they lose a shitload of cash over this. Releasing on the platform with the smallest install base months in advance of the others is lunacy.

I bring this up now because I have just found out the Battlefield 1943 release dates. I am really looking forward to this game, but there is no way I will play a FPS on a console (and don’t own a PS3 or XBox anyway) so am a bit pissed off that I have to wait longer. Are they going to add extra stuff? Is it going to be that much more polished? Only time will tell but I doubt it. I suspect it is another pile of cash from Microsoft and Sony that has “delayed” it, same with Street Fighter IV.

I just hope that Sony/Microsoft don’t do the same with Batman: Arkham Asylum. I want to play it this year, not have to wait an additional 6 months after the release.

Internet Angry Man over and out.



Spah Sappin’ Steam Servah’

I can’t play my Steam games. Why?
Apparently a storm has caused power cuts in Seattle. What!? VALVe only have Authorisation servers in one place? Are they completely mad!? It wouldn’t be so bad if the offline mode actually worked but despite me setting steam to log me in automatically and remember my details it has deleted them so I can’t log on until they get the servers back. From my research as to why this happens it seems that if you are connected to a network but can’t get to the Steam servers it assumes you are a pirate and deletes your local data (not game content fortunately), in order for offline mode to work you have to disconnect from any network (even a LAN which isn’t on the internet) before you start Steam, but once it has deleted your offline data on your first attempt to connect, it is too late.

Lets hope VALVe fix this in a future update, I’m not going to hold my breath though.

EDIT: The servers are back up now. As far as I can tell from the stats page it was down for just over an hour. Still it makes you wonder what would happen to your games if they had a more serious problem…

EDIT 2: I took a screenshot of the stats page for later reference:
No games for me


Give me back my server browser!

What is it with PC games these days? It seems they have caught a disease from the consoles called matchmaking. A lobby system to start your online games. Supposedly this makes it easier to find a server to play on but, if you want a public game, what the fuck was wrong with sorting by ping and then selecting a non passworded server with some players on? And what if you don’t want to play on public servers? What happened to being able to join a dedicated server that you run with some friends?

Left 4 Dead is a brilliant game but if there is one thing that puts me off it is the lobby system. It has on numerous times given me a server where the other players have kicked me because they didn’t know me, on other occasions it gave me a server with a ping so high I think it might have been in New Zealand.
Fortunately in Left 4 Dead you can just open the console and type “openserverbrowser” and can then join your favourite server without playing lucky dip.

But now Valve are saying

The Steamworks matchmaking now includes the “robust lobby system” shipped and tested in Left 4 Dead.[1].

Brilliant, now more developers have an easier way to ditch the server browser and replace it with this console lobby nonsense.

Internet Angry Man – Out.


[1] link



OnLive – Why I don’t think it is the future

A topical post for my blog today. There are a lot of blogs covering OnLive at the moment however most are doing so with far more enthusiasm than I will.

So what is OnLive? Well from

OnLive is an on-demand video game distribution system announced at GDC 09. The service is a gaming equivalent of cloud computing with the game being computed, rendered and stored online. The service was announced to be compatible with any Intel based Mac or Windows PC running XP or Vista and is also able to stream games to the OnLive MicroConsole connected to a television.

Sounds good does it?
Not to me.

considering the average speed in the country is under 3meg[1] this is not going to work. As for me personally? well I can barely stream videos from youtube, what hope do you think I have of playing Crysis on a remote desktop connection? Any guesses? Did I hear a “none”? Yes, I think you may be right. The internet in this country is simply not up to this, the copper in the networks needs replacing but that isn’t going to happen until BT think it is economically viable. So probably around the same time Hell has a frosty coating of snow then.

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