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Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro

As part of my test I am writing this on my X10 Mini Pro using the WordPress application which is free in the Android Marketplace, Due to the lack of spell checker in this software I apologise for what will likely be a larger than usual number of mistakes.

So finally after 18 months Three have let me upgrade to a new phone, the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro. But is it any good?


The Mini Pro is an Android smartphone, but unlike a lot of others it isn’t defined by it’s screen size. Where other manufactures have been competing by making phones with larger and larger touchscreens Sony Ericsson have made a compact Android phone instead. Continue reading ‘Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro’


Get out your anaglyph glasses

You probably have a pair of these that were given away with a promotion. Perhaps when Channel 4 did their 3D night and you could pick them up from Sainsbury’s? Even if you don’t have a pair they are a couple of pounds on eBay.

And they have more uses than you might think*.

Taken useing IZ3D driver and DirectX Quake

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The Gadget Show Live 2010: Part 3

The third and final part, this is for all the little things that I thought were interesting, not necessarily new, or particularly hi-tech, just being interesting will get you into this list.

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The Gadget Show Live 2010: Part 2

After the wordy and somewhat pessimistic look at 3D televisions yesterday I think it is time for something a little more light-hearted, so lets have a look at some of the acts in the live show itself.

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The Gadget Show Live 2010: Part 1

Well this year I booked early, last October to be precise, so I managed to get Super Theatre tickets as well as entrance to the exhibition. The Super Theatre tickets were well worth the extra money and the live show itself was really good. I will write more about the show in the next few days, first I want to talk about some of the more exciting new tech that was on show in the exhibition, 3D.

One thing I expected to see lots of at the exhibition, as it seems to be the next big thing, were 3D TVs and I was not disappointed. Not by the lack of companies showing off their 3D systems at least, the TVs themselves however… Well, you’ll see.

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Get your old Scanner going on Vista

Time for a tech piece.

Have you recently upgraded to Vista or Windows 7 only to find that the software supplied with your scanner (or printer combo) doesn’t work? I have [1].

Drivers probably won’t be a problem, Vista detected my Hewlett Packard PSC 1410 and installed it automatically, I suspect the same will happen with yours, although you may have to let windows search on-line if you have a less common scanner. Despite the drivers being installed and windows recognising it as a scanner [2] How do you scan it? Microsoft saw fit to remove the Scan and Fax program in home versions of Vista so as far as I knew I had no software with which to initiate a scan.
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Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04

I have got fed up with the rubbish Linpus operating system that came on my Acer Aspire One. I tried putting XP on it but with the slow solid state hard drive of this particular Aspire One model it was painful, XP makes too many writes to be suitable for this kind of drive. As a result of this I have put up with Acer’s version of Linpus, tweaking it and editing it to make it bearable, because none of the other Linux distributions have proper support for the Aspire One [1].

Until now.

Last weekend the latest version of Ubuntu, Jaunty Jackalope (that is 9.04) was released. Apparently the desktop version is “as slick as Win7, Mac OS X“, and I’m sure it makes a very good operating system, however I’m not really interested in the desktop release, I do a lot of gaming and currently the support for this on Linux is very poor, with very few developers making native Linux versions. What does interest me is alongside the desktop and server downloads there is something new called the Netbook Remix. As they list my netbook as supported I thought I would give it a go.

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