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Forging a Battle: Part 4

Some time later…

I have not played Battleforge in some time, and as I don’t intend to go back to it I think it is time for me to finish off this feature with my reasons why and my final thoughts on the game. I mostly played PvP, these games are more fun than the PvE campaigns in my opinion but I did find that the standard free deck is not suitable (unless you organise a game with someone else who has the free cards as well) as you will get quickly trounced.

In the end I gave in a purchased some more cards, like with all trading card games you don’t know exactly what you are going to get in a booster pack. Going back into PvP I found I faired little better. But in the end I as still getting trounced buy people who had handed over more cash.

This is where the free to play model falls down, games funded by adverts are fine, games where you pay for purely cosmetic enhancements are fine but when the game is competitive and paying gives you an advantage it is simply not fun any more.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the game, it is an original take on the RTS, the lore could do with a bit of work, but the mechanics of the game were very interesting and I really wanted to like it.

Battleforge may be free to play, but you have to pay to win…


Forging a Battle: Part 3


I spent most of the the morning doing a few of the one player PvE maps, I have reached Rank 4 in PvE (so now I have a full account and can trade cards rather than just being able to buy boosters) and the world map now looks like this:


The scenarios are quite varied from attack missions like the tutorial (but harder and with a full deck of cards) to defence where you have to keep an area safe for a certain period of time and escort missions where you have to protect a unit as it tries to get to the other side of the map. Most seem to have hero units who, while powerful, are mission critical. Most of the time you also have AI allies working with you. Completing these scenarios also gives you upgrade cards, these cards cannot be traded but can be used to upgrade stats on cards in your collection. For example the first upgrade card for the Master Archers increases their damage slightly.

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Forging a Battle: Part 2

Friday was just about setting up and getting my updates, it isn’t that it took me that long, it is just that I only had a couple hours in the evening to do so. Hopefully today I will get a bit further.


Upon loading the game and signing in again (to the juggernaut server) it checks for updates, none are found, so it launches the game proper. After a few very loud and thundery intro videos it pops up with a box telling me to enter my key if I have purchased the game or select Play 4 Free. I read the blurb associated with the two options so here is how it works; You pick a Play 4 Free account which gives you 32 out of 200 cards, this is converted to a full account by getting to rank 4 in PvE or Rank 10 in PvP and you will get the message until then. Converting the free to full in this way does not unlock you extra cards however and they have to be bought separately. Apart from the cards the only thing missing from Play 4 Free is card auctions and trading, but you get this as soon as you get to a high enough level. I assume this is to stop scammers taking advantage of a free game and trying to con people out of money. It would mean they either have to buy the game or play to level 4 to be allowed to trade.

This all seems fair enough and I haven’t got a key so I click Play 4 Free.

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Forging a Battle: Part 1

I was originally going to do a single piece on BattleForge but have got carried away and it was getting very long. As a result so I am posting the experiences of the first day now. The rest will follow, though not necessarily in real time

Since BattleForge is now “Play 4 Free” I thought I would give it a go. The idea is you can play as much as you like but if you want more cards (and as it is a trading card game you probably will) you have to pay for them with real money, you had to pay for extra cards in the retail version but that came with more cards in its starter pack (and still does if you want to buy it that way) than the free version and 3000 points to spend on booster packs or card auctions.
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