Blown Away

Game fan art. Far too often it includes game characters with far less clothing than they would normally wear or it simply puts them in a compromising position with another game character. This is not good, and it can’t be a healthy mind who draws such things.

However, when you throw out the cartoon pornography, there are some very talented artists out there who have done wonderful pieces of art based on games they clearly love.

Here follows a selection of the best I have found, prepare to be blown away*;

Click on the pictures to view the original

Where would any list of game fan art be without a picture of JC Denton killing using the Dragon’s Tooth Sword?
2009_KillingToKillDrawersBlock by ~teknikal-vision

American McGee’s Alice had some of the best art direction in any game I can think of, so it is not surprising that it has spawned fan art. The artwork in this game was creepy, and this piece is more so…

Alice + Clock by ~0mri

This really makes me long for a new Sonic game that remembers what the original was about. Precision jumping and never stopping. The artist has also done a huge number of other similar pictures for other classic games so be sure to view the entire gallery.

Green Hill Zone by *Orioto

Minecraft, A brilliant game, but the art style does leave a lot to your imagination (a good thing in my opinion). Well TurnThePhage certainly used a lot of that in this beautiful rendition of Minecraft: Ghast which really brings it to life.

I was looking for some Blood Bowl artwork. This is for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning but all I know is I still want Dwarf Slayer by ~daarken to play for the Dwarrowdelf Beers.

The most terrifying enemy from one of the first games I owned, QUAKE SHAMBLER by ~Autaux

And finally, two more just to prove that video game art doesn’t have to be a drawing.Team Fortress 2 dolls by ~JNorad.

And, despite the fact that I normally consider cosplay to be a bit weird (my problem, not yours) this is so good I can’t not post it.
Itai Ao by *akuriko

Well that is is for now. Any really good ones I have missed? Let me know. If any of the artists are not happy with their art being featured here please let me know and I will remove it ASAP.

*Yes, I know it is a terrible “fan” gag and I need shooting.


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